Our Starter Culture is documented in a
Tumblr blog
that, in its totality, works as a medium to place everything that has influenced the project, including the documentation of experiments, project progression and ideas. Most importantly however, it is a place for me to post anything that I would like to share, creating an environment where a tutorial on how to knit, a poem by
Maya Angelou
, a picture of my
adopted dog
and an article on 
all work together; where each one is as integral as the other in creating a moment of humanity and empathy.

Tumblr’s tagging system makes it easy to find posts about a specific topic within the blog, so each viewer can go on an unending unique journey to further understand the project and its influences. Another benefit of Tumblr is that it has the option to
posts from other Tumblr blogs that are relevant to one’s work, which similarly means others can reblog Our Starter Culture’s posts to their blog. This way the Our Starter Culture blog can germinate, with its posts able to exist forever in a plethora of blogs, contexts and times.

Further to this, a more curated page on the Tumblr exists as a digital version of the artist book called
This blog is broken down to 13 Chapters and recreates the journey of the pouches. The benefit of having this digitalised version of the pouches and the zine is that the system of
allows you to see the conceptualisation of the work, like a ‘behind the scenes’ of the project, continuing the unique journey and exploration of the work. A more refined version of the 13 Chapters exists here on this website and can be accessed by clicking on the cover pages in