Our Starter Culture
is a tool that aims to create and establish a shared humanity. It focuses on the reintroduction of empathy, to help us approach and be able to operate in a world where a climate crisis exists.

The project develops an intersectional pedagogical methodology centred around the creation of empathy, which begins with a participant sharing a remedy with me through conversation. I then create a pouch responsibly compiling everything needed for the remedy and enact it, giving me an opportunity to develop empathy.

The compiling of these remedies is a rewriting of the
Libellus de Medicinalibus Indorum Herbis
, an Aztec herbal manuscript written in 1552 by Martín de la Cruz and Juan Badiano. The remedies will be published as
and in an
online blog
where they will act as a learning tool to assist individuals in better understanding the individual’s role in the climate crisis. The online blog, which will also detail the process of the work, will act as a resource to further the practice and allow it to

This form of activism draws on the work of
Agnes Denes’ Wheatfield
adrienne maree brown’s
work in regenerative justice, where we can see natural elements being used as complex commentary and forms of activism. Through the mediums of the zines and blog, the participants become the audience of the work, inspired by
Grant H.Kester
’s definition of

Ultimately Our Starter Culture aims to question if by looking at the creation of empathy in relationships through acts of caring, we can begin to view small domestic remedies as revolutionary acts of healing ourselves. And in creating this environment infomred by the feminist 
ethic of care,
how we can use it to fight climate and social injustices.

You can contact Montserrat Gutierrez Mesegue below